Getting Started

Becoming a PTA officer should not be overwhelming. Your Second District Board members are here to support you and give you the tools you need to be as successful as possible. Thousands of people have done and are doing it, so don't be intimidated.

You can start by planning your year. Figure out when you have to present things to your members, when you have to turn things into the State PTA or the IRS, when you want to start your membership drive. Here is a sample of a monthly planning document.

As soon as your new PTA Executive Board is elected, make sure, by May 15th that you submit your officer list using this form.


Officer Resources

Each year, the Second District PTA trains Presidents and other Board members in May and September to give new officers a  head start of planning for a successful year. All PTA officers are welcome.

The primary resource for information on how to be a PTA officer is the California PTA web site,
You can find all relevant information there by using 'key word searches' at the upper right corner of each page. For example: PTA 'job description president' will bring you to the PTA president job description.

Another key resource for understanding education policy issues is
This site is organized into short topic lessons, and covers all facets of education issues in California.

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